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Our human bodies are a part of nature, and profoundly connected with it. Only pure natural and organic materials can return the skin to its original state of healthy, beautiful balance, while man-made chemicals cause short-term alterations but damage the skin more in the long run.

The bacteria on our skin digest skin oil, dead cells and minerals from perspiration, turning them into a natural moisturizing cream that acts a barrier between the inner skin and the outer environment. With essential moisture locked in and dirt out, skin stays soft, fresh and radiant. Using only natural ingredients without any preservatives and synthetic substances, Black Paint products help maintain the functionality of the bacteria on our skin which balances the skin’s immune system.

Black Paint skin care products are made solely from natural and organic materials which are plant-derived oils, essential minerals and other natural ingredients from all over the world. The usage of plant oils and organic ingredients has been approved by organic certification bodies in German, France and Japan.

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