BLACK PAINT. The future of organic skin care is here now!

BLACK PAINT. is a general beauty brand that aims to create beautiful skin by skin care and healthy body by inner health care. Our professional advisors will provide advices on “beauty from food” according to each customer’s conditions. Our Passion: Moisturising treatment focuses on the power of normal bacterial flora on the skin, Natural Organic ingredientsThere is a big difference between problem skin and beautiful skin. The difference is that beautiful skin is “healthy”.

Healthy skin has lots of skin flora, which is said to be closely related to the beauty. We strongly believe that, in order to regain “healthy and beautiful skin”, it is essential that the skin’s natural power works at its best. “Skin, scalp, hair…we must be careful about what we use for our body as much as what we eat.” Based on this philosophy, we have developed products, performed researches on natural organic skincare, and built our in-house plant in Kyoto, JapanWith our passion for ingredients and production method recognized, our products are the only ones in the world that have received Monde Selection Gold Award for 10 years in a row.*

  • Esthé Powder, Organic Foundation 15g

    $ 38
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  • German Blue Gold 50ml, Anti-Aging Face Serum.

    $ 244
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  • German Blue Platina, Anti-Aging Face Serum.

    $ 293
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    German Blue, Anti-Aging Face Serum. 30ml

    $ 109 $ 92
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  • Lactobacillus Essence

    $ 82 $ 74
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  • Water Cream 10g Best natural face moisturizer

    $ 36
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  • Water Cream Anti-Aging best Natural Face Moisturizer 45g

    $ 148
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  • Water Cream Anti-Aging Face Cream 100g

    $ 290
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    Water UV Cream 20g Organic Sunscreen

    $ 46 $ 31
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    Best Water Face Toner 100ml

    $ 89 $ 76
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    Anti-Aging Face Oil Water 100ml

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  • Black Paint Natural Organic Face Soap 20g

    $ 12
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Natural & Organic Ingredients

We use more than 100 kinds of plant-derived oils, essential minerals and other natural and organic ingredients from all over the world. Our products fragrance comes from steam-distilled essential oils, not from synthetic perfumes.The usage of plant oils and organic ingredients has been approved and certified by organic certification bodies in Germany, France and Japan, etc.

Water Cream Anti-Aging Face Cream
Water UV Cream Organic Sunscreen

Keep Your Skin Natural

  • No Alcohol
  • No Synthetic Desinfectants
  • No Synthetic Fragrance & Colorings
  • No Synthetic Preservatives
  • No Ultraviolet Absorbers

Synthetic cosmetics kill the beneficial bacteria that help skin maintain its natural beauty. The Black Paint skin care products are made solely of natural and organic ingredients.

5 Steps

The 5 steps of pore care which leads to a beautiful, healthy, and natural skin.

  1. Use Black Paint Soap.
  2. Use Black Paint Sponge to get rid of the flakes of pore blackhead/impurities.
  3. Use Black Paint Best Water to hydrate the skin.
  4. Use Black Paint Oil Water to tighten the pore, soften the skin and keep skin elasticity.
  5. Use Black Paint Water Cream to keep skin moisture, prevent pigmentation before make-up.
Esthè Powder Chemical-free Natural Foundation